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Park honors Al Keuter

When you enter the Woodrat trail, you’ll see a new plaque presented by Friends of Quail Hollow, with Al’s name on it. Most of you know who Al is, but for the rest of you … Al is undoubtedly the #1 volunteer at QHR. I’m not even going to try to list all the thing’s he’s done at the Park, all the people he’s helped, or the thousands of hours he’s put in. We’re saving that for an article in the Post. But for decades, Al started and headed up the volunteer trail crew, and almost single-handedly built the Woodrat trail using hand tools only, until folks like Tim Jolly and Jon Hudson joined. And if you’ve never shared a walk at Quail with Al, you’ve missed one of the great highlights of the park. You’ll still see him and his wife Bertie out and about, cataloging new flora.

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